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Google Intros ‘Be Internet Awesome’ Online Program For Kids

Google has recently launched the “Be Internet Awesome” program, an initiative that aims to help parents and teachers alike in instilling the sense of positivity and kindness among online youth. The initiative is spearheaded by Google and its three partners – the Family Online Safety Insititute, Internet Keep Safe [...] Click here to view original [...]

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What will the UK election mean for online privacy?

Online privacy and the implications for data security are under intense discussion, particularly following the UK’s third terrorist attack in recent months, which led Prime Minister Theresa May to reiterate her call for more regulation of online spaces . In advance of Thursday’s general election, Vladlena Benson , Associate [...] Click here to view original [...]

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Kids and online privacy: 6 reasons parents need to care

If you don’t want to have the bejesus scared out of you, don’t talk to an expert on kids’ online privacy. If you knew what was really out there — online predators, identity thieves, data miners — you’d lock up the internet and throw away the key. The truth [...] Click here to view original [...]

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Artificial intelligence – wonderful and terrifying – will change life as we know it

Tay was a Twitter chatbot, and an experiment in Artificial Intelligence that went wrong. (Microsoft) "The year 2017 has arrived and we humans are still in charge. Whew!" That reassuring proclamation came from a New Year's editorial in the Chicago Tribune . If you haven't been paying attention to [...] Click here to view original [...]

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